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The Noe Valley Democratic Club is very excited to announce our first endorsement in almost five years. Thank you to all the candidates who met with us and to our new—and renewed—members for coming together and bringing this club back to life. We’re just happy to be here.

We're proud to announce that Bilal Mahmood has won the Noe Valley Dems endorsement for the California Assembly District 17 seat. Members were impressed by Bilal's approach to housing policy, public education, and public safety, in addition to his personal story as a scientist and policy analyst. To hear more from Bilal and the other candidates, watch our candidate forum on YouTube.


The club reached the 60% endorsement threshold for two of the three school board recalls, endorsing the recalls of Commissioners Alison Collins and Gabriela López. Members pointed to the longest school closures of any major city, López’s treatment of district parents, Collins’s anti-Asian comments, and Collins’s subsequent lawsuit against the district as the primary reasons for their votes. The club did not reach a consensus on Commissioner Faauuga Moliga and is taking no position on his recall. While many blamed Moliga for the extended closures, enough members felt his actions did not warrant a recall. We hosted a school board recall forum with the Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club in November, and Commissioner Moliga was the one commissioner who joined.


And finally, in the Assessor-Recorder “race,” it should be no surprise that the club nearly-unanimously endorsed Joaquín Torres, the incumbent and only candidate in the race. While most members weren’t too familiar with Torres, one Noe Valley Dem vouched for his character at our endorsement meeting, calling him a “gentleman,” which elicited more than a few nodding heads on Zoom.


Thanks again to all the great candidates. And thanks to all the members who participated in the (quite collegial!) endorsement meeting. Eligible members voted via Election Runner. Due to the 90-day, 3-meeting minimum for new members, only a little more than half our members were eligible to vote, but of those who were eligible, almost everyone voted, which we think speaks to the enthusiasm in our growing club.


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